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Friday, January 02, 2004
Love’s Inclusiveness

By JH Jowett
Contributed by – Strawberry

“Now Jesus loved Martha, and her sister, and Lazarus.” John 11:5

Then He loved three souls of very different temperaments. To love all three is to love natures which are greatly contrasted to their constitution. That is the characteristic of true love. It is comprehensive and inclusive. Here is the love of the Master lavishing itself upon these very different souls, and in each of these finding joy and satisfaction. Jesus does not want all His loved ones to be of one mould or colour. He does not seek uniformity – He loves us for our own individuality. He will not remove our individuality. He seeks to glorify it. He loves “Martha, and her sister, and Lazarus.”

Jesus loves Martha. Martha is our Biblical example of a practical woman. “Martha served.” In that phrase is enshrined her character….

“And her sister.” Mary was contemplative, spending long hours in deep communion with the unseen. We need the Mary’s as well as the Martha’s deep contemplative souls, whose spirits shed a fragrant restfulness over the hard and busy streets.

We need the souls who sit at Jesus’ feet and listen to His Word, and then interpret the sweet gospels to a tired and weary world.

“And Lazarus!” What do we know about him? Nothing! Lazarus seems to have been distinguished and commonplace. Yet Jesus loved him. What a huge multitude come under the category of “nobodies!” Their names are on the register of births and on the register of deaths, and the space between is great obscurity.

Thank God for the commonplace people! They turn our houses into homes, and make life restful and sweet. Jesus loves the commonplace. Here then, is a great, comforting truth. We are all loved, the brilliant and the commonplace, the dreamy and the practical. “Jesus loved Martha, and her sister, and Lazarus.”

Posted at 01:33 pm by Helpcf
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Filled With the Spirit

By H P Barker
Contributed by – Strawberry

Ephesians 5:18
……. “Instead be filled with the spirit.”

The effect of being filled with the Holy Ghost is never to occupy one with one’s own blessing or experience; it never ministers to the glorification of self in any form. The Holy Ghost, when He fills a saint of God, takes possession of him or her for Christ. He fills the gaze with His glories, the heart with His love, the lips with His praise. Christ fills the life of the one who is filled with the Spirit. If he speaks, it is not to call attention to his own experience, but to magnify Christ. Peter, when thus filled, proclaimed the exaltation of the Stone, set at naught of the builders. Stephen’s gaze was held enraptured by the sight of Jesus; Barnabas’ exhortations that they should cleave to the Lord.

Posted at 01:34 pm by Helpcf
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The Man

By H B Ottley
Contributed by – Strawberry

Christ was sinless, and yet was condemned as a malefactor.
He was the Truth and yet was condemned for falsehood.
He came fulfilling the law, and yet was condemned as a lawbreaker.
He claimed to be a King (He was and is and will be forever) and yet was condemned to be traitor.
He was a worker of miracles, and yet was condemned as a sorcerer.
He claimed to be the forgiver of sins (He was and is and will be forever) and yet was condemned as an impostor.
He claimed to be God and yet was condemned as a blasphemer.

He is Jesus Christ, King of all Kings, Lord of all Lords, our Shepard and the Savior of our souls.

Posted at 01:35 pm by Helpcf
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